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Read with Phonzy


App Description

Read with Phonzy is a free early literacy educational app which uses speech recognition to assess how well kids pronounce words. Phonzy is a cute 3D character who encourages kids to read aloud.

Benefits for your child:

> Our speech technology recognises and assesses the keyword in each sentence.
> Read with Phonzy works in typical real world noise environments like homes & schools.
> Speech assessment is built exclusively for children.
> Challenges kids to pronounce keywords correctly to unlock personal galleries showing engaging artwork.
> Helps boost confidence in reading and improves conversation skills.

Phonics with Phonzy


App Description
Phonics with Phonzy is unique early literacy educational app that focuses on learning to read via the Phonics approach.
Features of this app include

  • Phonzy demonstrates correct pronunciation of all the phonics sounds & associated words using highly detailed mouth, teeth and tongue movements in 3D
  • Phonzy reacts to your child’s voice (although he doesn’t yet understand what they are saying), encouraging them to practice aloud
  • Engaging original artwork
  • Fun interactions and activities with Phonzy, to keep kids practicing
  • Parents and teachers can monitor progress and listen back to the child’s pronunciation
  • Kid friendly user interface
  • No 3rd party advertising

Phonics with Phonzy is an educational app. We strive hard to ensure we strike a good balance between making it fun for kids but ensure they don’t get too distracted and keep learning!