PRESS RELEASE – Dublin based edtech startup MeowTek launches Free Phonics Educational app

(Dublin, Ireland) – Dublin-based Educational Technology Startup, MeowTek, is pleased to announce the launch of our new free early literacy educational app, Phonics with Phonzy, for kids ages 3-6. Whilst there are many excellent Phonics apps out there, this is the first time an app demonstrates correct pronunciation using a 3D character, Phonzy, with detailed mouth, teeth and tongue movements. Phonzy engages with kids and encourages them to practice aloud. It applies the principle that active participation enforces learning and the ability to recall and is routinely used by teachers in the classroom.

“We wanted to create an educational app that demonstrates correct pronunciation in a fun way, while also getting kids to actively participate in the learning just as they do in the classroom” – Meowtek CEO.

We are planning a series of ‘Phonics with Phonzy’ apps that take a child from early stages of learning to read via the phonics approach through to more advanced stages.

Available FREE on the App Store and Google Play

We have been getting some great reviews and feedback from teachers and educators. See here on our facebook page:

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